Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Catalyst West | Perry Noble #2

This post, along with the others titled "Catalyst West," is a way for me to process and record as much as I can about what I learned at that conference. Here is a brief explanation.

I could probably write all night long about what Perry Noble said at Catalyst, but here was another great nugget that had immediate impact on my life.

Perry talked about the struggle of knowing what to do next when it comes to God's plan and vision for your life. The thing that I struggle with, and I think many of us do, is the unknown and what to do "next." I struggle with it so much that I overlook the NOW while I'm looking for the NEXT. I lose sight of the task at hand and the current vision that God has given me because I'm worried about choosing the right path for the next time.

I loved this quote: "Do what I've told you to do, then I'll tell you what to do." - GOD

Do what God has lain out before me now . . . then he'll tell me what to do next. Not only is this completely common sense, but it is also one of the most freeing concepts.

These past few months have been difficult for my wife and financially, they have for everyone. But I've spent so much time being consumed with how I can provide for my family that I lost sight of how God wanted to use me. Now, I need to be careful because I want to emphasize that I need to work my butt off to provide for my family, but I was letting that consume my life. I lost sight of what God wanted from me NOW because I was too concerned about LATER.