Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catalyst West | Perry Noble #1

This post, along with the others titled "Catalyst West," is a way for me to process and record as much as I can about what I learned at that conference. Here is a brief explanation.

If there was one moment at Catalyst that stood out to me it was the second half of Perry Noble's talk at the end of the conference. He was talking about the size of the vision that we receive from God. He gave three reasons that we don't realize that vision in our lives. One of them stood out to me and has been ringing in my head ever since:

"I am obsessed with being noticed, not with being developed."

When he said that line I almost cringed. It was convicting thinking about how much time I've spent these past few months worrying more about people noticing what I'm doing than facilitating development in my life.

How much have I missed out on what God has for me because I'm more concerned about what God has for ME than who God wants me TO BE for him?

That is changing now . . . I can say that with honesty. These posts are actually part of my plan to facilitate growth and development in my spiritual life, along with reading every Andy Stanley book I can get my hands on! (more on Andy coming later)