Saturday, July 19, 2008

catch up - post 3

ok, so i'm not quite as caught up as I would have hoped . . . but we're on the road to renewing our friendships.

One of the main reasons that I was not able to catch up is because I spent a lot of time yesterday catching up on reading all of my friends blogs. One that I came across that really struck a chord in me was this post by my friend John Voelz:

For any of you who read this that are in leadership, soak in what John is saying! Recruiting, challenging, stretching, and expecting a lot from volunteers is something that has been lost in many ways.

The only reason that I am in ministry, or even learned how to play the guitar is because my youth pastor pushed me and stretched me. One weekend he asked if i wanted to lead worship . . . i said no . . . he made me . . . i lead worship every weekend from there on out until i moved away for college.

I have a Student Leadership Team for our worship arts ministry in Resonate and they have blown me away at how well they have responded to my challenges! Next year we are taking it to the next level!!

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