Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You know you're an adult when . . .

So I'm starting to feel the pressure of becoming an adult. It's exciting, but difficult for me. I realize that a lot of responsibility comes with this! So I thought I would share this list with you so that you too can know when you are becoming an adult.

Here are the top ten signs that you are growing from "young adulthood" to just plain "adulthood"

10 - you get a cat because they are such little work, but still a sign of maturity (kinda)

9 - You get a dog of your own because you realize how boring and stupid cats are. You also think you are responsible enough for this, but not responsible enough for a kid.

8 - You get a Costco membership

7 - You use your costco membership to buy more than mac & cheese and soda (I'm talking the frozen chicken, fruit, toothpaste, movie tickets, make-up, gas for your car . . . as you all know, the list goes on)

6 - You spend more time going through the coupons in the news paper than actually shopping at the grocery store (but it's worth it!)

5 - You get excited about buying furniture for your house

4 - You get even more excited about buying furniture from a garage sale and talking the guy down to less than half of the original price

3 - Dave Ramsey becomes the 13th apostle and you follow his every word (because it works people!!)

2 - Having a kid becomes exciting and not AS scary as it used to be

1 - You stop talking about putting other people above yourself, and you actually start living that way.

Ok . . . maybe this is just my list, not everyone's (minus the cat, I would never in any situation agree to have a cat).

Anyone else feeling like they are growing up??