Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm a painting man!

So if you have been over to my house at all in Vegas you know that we have some very tall ceilings! I don't know exactly how tall, but we have a 20' ladder that doesn't get all the way to the roof . . . so they are TALL. Anyways, when we first moved in we painted like crazy for about a week and then never finished! There was a corner up on the tall wall that I never finished painting. Mind you, this was all a year and a half ago :) But this last week I was painting our loft for the baby room and just got a surge of motivation to bring back out the 20' ladder and FINISH!!!

I wish I had a camera to take pictures of the finished product, but it is still in repair at Best Buy (worst warranty ever!) It's been sent back 4 times with the same problem!!

That is besides the point . . . I feel fulfilled this week . . . I'm a painting man.

What projects have you been putting off for a long time that you need to FINISH?!?!