Tuesday, June 30, 2009

long leave

it's been a long time all ye who read my blog . . . and I'm back. I got to connect with Rich from RKWeblog this weekend at Central and it was awesome! He is the one who convinced me to start blogging when we were at Re:create a few years ago and hanging for a bit has re-inspired me. Here is a quick update on my life:

karyss had a baby
he is amazing
his name is Oliver
we call him Ollie
got to take 2 wks off
it was amazing
he is now 5 wks old and the best thing that has ever happened to us
family/friends have been in town for 4 of 5 wks
it's been amazing
it's also been exhausting
We appreciate our parents now more than ever
I took a trip to LA to serve the homeless with Resonate
missed my family like crazy
but it was an amazing week!
we're still in Vegas
it's hot!
power bill is expensive . . . REALLY expensive

And now we are to today
caught back up
good friends again
it's like we never left each other