Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Becoming an Adult

I've always been one to fight off "adulthood." Not in the sense that I don't like responsibility, or having a full-time job, or even being married. It's more that I anticipated what would come with those responsibilities.

This week I realized two things:
1. I love becoming an adult
2. I hate becoming an adult

Let me explain . . .

1. As many of you know, I have an amazing wife and we have been married for almost 2 1/2 years now. I am only 23, so you can do the math. We also now have been in our house (that we own) for one year! On top of that . . . we have a child on the way :) All of these things I would put under the umbrella of "adulthood," and I love it! I love being married, I love owning my own home, and I can't wait to be a dad. So . . . I love becoming an adult.

2. The reality that I no longer live with my college friends, sleep in til noon, and eat pizza and watch scary movies til 4am is starting to sink in. What really hit me was that one of my best friends from college just got a great job in Washington and moved away from Fullerton, CA with his wife to start their life there. I know I was the first one to leave cali, but now two of us have left. It is becoming more and more difficult to spend time with my closest friends. This part of adulthood I hate.

I guess it just requires more commitment and intentionality in trying to keep up with what's happening in each others lives. Thank goodness for ichat . . . i don't know what I would do without that!!

How do you stay in touch with "old friends?"